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A healthy couple who isn’t using birth control, typically has around 20 percent chance of getting pregnant during each monthly cycle. Considering the fact that you can only conceive during the small window of monthly ovulation, it is a surprisingly high percentage.  Knowing if you’re fertile can help boost your chances even further. If you’re trying for a baby, here are 5 signs to know if you’re fertile right now:


  1. A heightened sense of smell

Studies have revealed that a woman’s sense of smell gets sharp in the latter half of a normal menstruation cycle, as they near ovulation. They may get more irritated with certain smells like meats and post-workout body odors. In this fertile phase, women are more likely to be attracted to male pheromone androstenone, which causes strong smell.


  1. Cervical mucus changes consistency

Normally, cervical discharge appears to be sticky, cloudy or even go undetected. Around the time of ovulation, the female body produces more estrogen, causing cervical mucus to become stretchy and clear, appearing to have an egg white-like consistency. If you’re trying to get pregnant, keep track of your discharge. A change in consistency is a good indicator of peak fertility.


  1. You feel good about yourself

Around the time when you’re most fertile, your lips might appear fuller due to increased estrogen. You may also notice that your pupils are dilated and your skin feels softer. These subtle changes in your appearance make you feel good about yourself and help you in the baby making process. A study has indicated that men find women more attractive if they’re nearing their ovulation in their monthly cycle.


  1. Changes in Saliva

This sign is a little hard to spot and requires a fertility microscope, but it is a fun, non-invasive way to figure out fertility. When you’re about to ovulate, a pattern similar to that of frost on a windowpane might appear in your saliva. This is a sign of the surge in luteinizing hormones in your body. This hormone occurs right before ovulation.


  1. Tenderness in breasts

A rush of hormones in the body right before and after ovulation can cause nipples and breasts become tender. They may feel more heavy or achy, and a little uncomfortable. This is a good indicator that you’re fertile now, and have the best chances to conceive.

These are some of the more common signs to know if you’re fertile and ovulating. To know more, meet our specialists at KIMS Cuddles who can guide you in detail if you are fertile right now.

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