You might be really excited, well, a little nervous as well. You are just extending your family and getting home your newborn for the first time. The process might have been long, tiring or painstaking, but everything will vanish away with the innocent smiles your baby brings in.

Once home, you might be even more anxious to create perfect surroundings for your baby. You might find yourself having no idea about what you are doing. Not just the vicinity, but handling those little treasures requires a lot of care as well. You might have spent a lot around kids before, but handling your own makes you nervous for the first time.

Check out these simple handling tips that can make you feel confident about caring for your newborn!


#1. Sanitise your hands before handling your baby directly

You might touch a lot of things to run errands through the house. The surface around can have dust, germs and bacteria. Newborns don’t have a healthy immune structure yet. They’re at risk for infection if you do not maintain hygiene. Not just you make sure that everyone who handles your baby has clean hands.


#2. Support your baby’s neck and head while carrying 

Their bones are too soft and fragile to handle. Cradle the head carefully and support the head when carrying the baby upright. Even when you lay your baby down, ensure they have enough support to lean on.


#3. Make sure your baby is securely fastened while travelling 

You need to keep your baby away from too many bouncy moments, especially while travelling. It can be trips to your doctor, for vaccination or general out play. Ensure you fasten them securely into the stroller, carrier or car seat. This method will keep your baby intact to the position.


#4. Never shake your baby too fast

Either you play or wake them up, always remember that you cannot shake them. Sudden shaking can cause bleeding in the brain of your little baby, which can turn out to be fatal. If you need to wake your infant up, don’t do it by shaking. Instead, blow gently on a cheek or tickle your baby’s feet.


#5. No rough play with your newborns

Yes, you can play with your tiny tots but not immediately. You cannot play the rough games like jiggling on the knee or shoulder, throwing up in the air. They are so weak and frail to withstand such pressure or gestures.

You may feel anxious and worried about handling a newborn in the beginning. After a few short weeks, you’ll develop a routine to understand the needs of your baby and their style to warmth and love. The tenderness they require might be slightly high, but these bundles of your happiness require the best!


*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before making any decision.

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