Like with everything else, even breastfeeding requires some time, practice, and lots of trial and error to find the right way. It requires patience and persistence on the part of the mother to help her newborn get the latch right. A healthy newborn may want to breastfeed about 20 to 30 minutes after being born. It is important that you make use of this time and take help of nurses and lactation experts at the hospital, who can help you find the perfect breastfeeding position.

There is no right or wrong way to breastfeed. It is important to find a position that works best for both mom and baby. Here are some common breastfeeding positions that you can try to make nursing easier:

  1. Laid-Back Breastfeeding

This position is a favorite for many moms and babies. It comes naturally for the baby and is relaxing for the mom. This position involves the mother to recline on her back at about 45 degrees, wherever she wants to nurse – on the couch, bed or a recliner. The baby lies face down on top of the mother’s breast, with his arms hugging breast on both sides.


  1. Football Hold

Also called a clutch hold, the football hold is one of the first breastfeeding positions that new moms first learn. In this position, baby is tucked under the mother’s arm, off to the side (like a football) and held with one arm, while supporting the breast with the other arm. This is quite an easy position and makes it easier for the baby to latch.


  1. Side-Lying Position

This breastfeeding position requires the mother to lie down on her side, with the baby facing her. Baby’s back can be supported using a breastfeeding pillow or roll-up towel. Baby nurses from the breast that’s resting on the bed. Some moms find it easier to latch baby while sitting up and then slowly lie down until they get the hang of this position.


  1. Cross-Cradle Hold

This is the most preferred breastfeeding position for mothers everywhere. In this position, the baby is draped across the mother’s body and she can clearly see what he’s doing when he’s latching. It is also easy to nurse in public with this position. If you want to try the cross-cradle position, bring the baby across your body, tummy to tummy – and hold the baby while supporting his neck with one arm, and your breast with the other. You may also try using a breastfeeding pillow when nursing in this position to make yourself comfortable.


  1. Cradle Hold

This position is very similar to the cross-cradle hold, but in this one, the baby is supported with the arm on the same side as the breast he’s feeding on, and not the opposite arm. New moms prefer this during the first few weeks of nursing when they’re getting comfortable with breastfeeding. A pillow can be used to help lift the baby and support the mother’s elbow to increase her comfort.


If you’re a new mom, some of these breastfeeding positions can help make your motherhood journey easier. Should you experience any difficulty, meet our team of lactation experts at KIMS Cuddles to find a suitable solution.

*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision.

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