As the baby grows larger inside your stomach, you can experience more and more sleep disturbances. This is a common experience for every pregnant woman. However, if the disturbance is due to the shot of breath, then it is a serious condition to slide over. It might be the case of sleep apnea. 

Sleep apnea is a condition where you stop breathing for short periods while sleeping. This makes it a shortage of oxygen for the mom-to-be and the unborn baby inside. This shortage of oxygen will lead to gasps during sleep and wakes you up repeatedly. 

In most cases, we do not recognize the condition at all, as it just sounds or looks like snoring. But, it is not the same in all cases. Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious condition where the oxygen supply is greatly limited to the mother and the baby. This limited oxygen supply makes it fatal for both their health conditions. 

Here are 4 easy prevention remedies for sleep apnea during pregnancy! 

#1. Maintain a healthy weight before and during pregnancy 

Sleep apnea is often termed and compared with obesity or excess weight of the person. Doctors, most of the time, suggest losing weight when identifies with sleep apnea. Maintaining a healthy weight usually helps to keep the air pipes clear, which are obstructed with excess fat. Thus, keeping a healthy weight will help you have a smooth and safer pregnancy. 

#2. Regular exercise and yoga 

General and regular exercise usually keep you fit and healthy all the time. Especially during pregnancy, even a short walk will be highly beneficial. In such a scenario, keeping up the regular exercise and yoga will help you increase the energy levels, strengthen your heart functions and improve sleep apnea. 

Breathing exercises will help supply the required amounts of oxygen and reduce the number of sleep interruptions you experience. 

#3. Alter the sleep position 

Although altering your sleep position is not a permanent solution or prevention tip for sleep apnea, it is still an effective tip for a good night’s sleep. Shifting the position will help you get good air passage flow during the blocks. Discuss the body positioning based upon your sleep apnea symptoms with your doctor and evaluate the right options available.

#4. Use a humidifier while sleeping or steam before sleep

Sleep apnea seems to worsen up during winter nights. It is due to the dry air that irritates the body and respiratory system. Generally, using a humidifier will help you breathe better by opening the airways. Taking steam before bed is also proven to work better for a good sleep. They tend to open up the blocked passages and hence help you reduce the increased symptoms of sleep apnea. 

Sleep apnea might seem like a general issue during every pregnancy. But ignoring it will result in a poor immune system and triggers mental health. Following simple measures will help you have better sleep at night during pregnancy! 

*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before taking any decision. 

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