With the monsoon season around the corner, every parent thinks about extra caring measures for their children. After all, the season is prone to contagious diseases as well as common diseases. The rate of catching the flu will also increase tremendously in this season, continuing into the winter months. 

Taking flu shots every year will reduce the risk of seasonal flu. On the other hand, getting a flu vaccine generally entails visiting a doctor’s office or a drugstore and obtaining a simple injection in the upper arm. Thus, following easy and simple tips can be a greater help in avoiding flu infections in toddlers. 

#1. Breastfeeding the baby in the early days

A baby’s immune system isn’t very good at fighting off illnesses when they are firstborn. Thus, it’s important that parents do what they can to protect their newborns from unnecessary exposure. Breastfeeding from mothers will help the babies build the immunity system that they require. Breastmilk includes antibodies that can help your baby’s immune system become stronger and protect him from diseases that may make him unwell.

#2. Boost their immune system 

The immune system is responsible for protecting the body against infection. When the immune system is operating correctly, it attacks dangers such as flu viruses. The following measures can help the immune system as well as the rest of the body:

  • Habituating them to a vitamin-rich in foods like fruits and vegetables after they start taking outside food. 
  • Having a good physical activity to make them feel fit and fine. You can play with them to ensure their activeness. 
  • Healthy sleep and bed routine. Let your child sleep for 8-9 hours every day to boost the immune system. 

#3. Have your child stay away from sick people, family members or friends 

Staying away from sick individuals appears to be an easy task. If you know your grandparents, the babysitter, or your closest friend is sick, urge them to stay at home or avoid your baby until they are fully recovered. You don’t always know when someone is unwell. However, make every effort to avoid areas where a large number of people may be sick.

Other excellent health and cleanliness practices should be followed. Especially when someone is sick, clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces at home, work, and school. Also, make them have plenty of sleep, exercise or active routine, proper hydration, and nutritious foods. 

It’s not uncommon for children to become ill with a cold or other viruses up to 12 times each year. But if any other symptoms accompany the flu, then visit or call your doctor for a checkup.

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