There is no part of the women’s body, which do not change during pregnancy. Every inch of the body looks transformed with a lot of changes. The single body now functions for both the people, the mother and the child. Undoubtedly, additional care is required to soothe the changing body and the growing baby inside.

Little stretching and exercise can help increase pulmonary functioning. This, in turn, lets you breathe adequate oxygen and strengthens your weakening muscles. Cardio workouts do a perfect job in helping you out with this. Cardio exercises are also very beneficial for both the mother and unborn child. However, you need to pick the safest ones.

Check these three safe cardio workouts, which can boost your metabolism during pregnancy!


#1. Walking 

Walking can be the best cardio one can ever choose. During pregnancy, it is one of the safest and easiest ways with all your growing body weight. Just choose a perfect place to walk regularly for about 15-20 minutes. You can change the locations for a fresh and new feeling every day.

This will significantly soothe your pumping hormones and brings in some physical movements. It will also help your knees and ankles from jarring down. All you require is a pair of supportive shoes with no equipment. Simple and safe throughout the nine months!


#2. Swimming

Swimming might sound risky cardio during pregnancy, but surprisingly it’s one of the safest exercises. It will make you feel light inside the water irrespective of the bodyweight you have gained in.

Swimming is ideal to consider as it exercises both large muscle groups of your arms and legs. It will provide all the cardiovascular benefits, including pulmonary functioning. However, speed has to be monitored, and a constant and steady pace has to be followed.


#3. Low – impact Aerobics like elliptical or stationary bicycling 

Low- impact aerobics can be another safe exercise you can choose within indoors. These simple aerobics are usually performed on the machines. These machines simulate the movements of jogging, running, and walking upstairs.

Ensure that you set a comfortable position which provides back support. A suitable place will help you maintain posture and balance!

Exercise during pregnancy not only helps you with physical movements but also with mental calmness. It highly pacifies your pregnancy stress. However, follow the DO’s and DONT’s during your exercise to reassure the safety of you and your baby. Consult your doctor before setting up the exercise routine.


*Information shared here is for general purpose. Please take doctors’ advice before making any decision.


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