fun facts about pregnancy

The word ‘Pregnancy’ is enough to get well-meaning family and friends to talk about all the uncomfortable aspects of it. But what about the fun parts? We- at KIMS Cuddles bring you 10 fun facts about pregnancy:

  1. Babies can taste whatever their mothers eat. So you can tell your kids when they grow up, “Hey! You loved broccoli.
  1. Babies can hear music and ambient sounds, even in the womb. Time to get all the Mozart and Beethoven compilations, mommies!
  1. A woman’s uterus is normally the size of a peach. It expands to more than 500 times its normal size over the course of a pregnancy. No wonder you feel like you’re walking around with a watermelon in your belly.
  1. Did you know that a woman’s heart also grows in size during pregnancy? Not just for the love of a new life growing inside, but to pump extra blood required for the baby.
  1. The amniotic fluid is mostly sterile urine of the baby. The right amount of fluid is needed to keep the baby healthy. From the second trimester, babies pee in the uterus and they drink it. Then they pee again. Now would be the cue for you to invest in nappies and diapers.
  1. Research has found that pregnant women develop 5% extra muscle. Hence, mothers are superwomen who can do anything. But don’t yet hit the gym while you’re pregnant. Moderate exercises will do.
  1. A study by the University of London found that a pregnant woman’s brain can become more active on the right (creative) side during pregnancy. This might be the best time to take cognizance of a whole new aspect of your personality.
  1. A baby starts having individual fingerprints between 9-12 weeks in the uterus. Isn’t that amazing?
  1. A woman named Penny Diana Hunter holds the record for the longest known pregnancy. It lasted for a year and 10 days. That’s 375 days! Hopefully, yours isn’t that long.
  1. And finally, dads can also have pregnancy symptoms like weight gain, bloating, nausea and insomnia. There’s a scientific term for this and it is called Couvade Syndrome. Why should moms have all the fun, right?

Pregnancy is a time when there are so many changes happening inside a mother. Some of these fun facts about pregnancy are truly miraculous as they are astounding! KIMS Cuddles believes in holding your hand to guide you through this wonderful journey.

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